Wednesday, 2 May 2007


It's the 5th month of the year
It's one of 7 months with 31 days
It begins with "M" along with March
May's birth flower is the Lily of The Valley which means "You Will Find Happiness"
May's birthstone is the emerald
May in the northern hemispere is the seasonal equivalent to November in the southern hemisphere
The bird of May is the nightingale
May along with March both have double meaning and can be used in a different context

May Makes Me Think Of:
May Day
and literally
"May Day, May Day"
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day
"Mother May I ?"
My grandfather's birthday
Memorial Day
Summer nearing and school finishing *cheers*
The annual May Parade and carnival that used to roll through my home town
The May flowers brought by April's showers

What does May make you think of?


Louise said...

May also makes me think of flowers and Mothers day but most special of all its my boys 7th birthday!! Crazy how time flies!!
I love your monthly ROCK!! LOL

sognatrice said...

Woohoo for May! And for new blog titles! When did that happen?!

Erin said...

Love your new title! Great one.

May makes me think of our anniversary (May 12), being able to start planting flowers, my mom's birthday, the anniversary of my surgery (also when I was released from the hospital). Lots of good memories : ) Happy May!

Nadine said...

May makes me think of flowers blooming and nicer weather approaching. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Louise said...


cheeky said...

Louise - Happy Birthday to the boys and I am glad you love the monthly beginning. I like it too. Thanks about the title, "I'm working on that".

Sognatrice - It just happened. I've been waiting for a fitting title and I think I may have found it. There will definitely be some tweeking going on though.

Erin - Thanks! Anniversary coming up, that's great. Hospital? Oh dear.

Nadine - Make sure you keep the weeds abay. LOL

Karen Beth said...

May makes me think of my sister's birthday! :)