Monday, 7 May 2007

my sunday seven

This is a collection of 7 entries, not a même, although there are two of those thrown in. (Sunday Scribblings is #7 )

Blogger had me in a minor “tizzy fit” on Friday. Let’s just say I have now renamed it Bugger and even Booger. I had read on other blogs about the frustrations with Blogger and the final straw that drove the authors to abandon Blogger altogether, but this wasn’t happening in my little Blogger world, so no worries, right? Wrong! I typed, it disappeared, I uploaded, it didn’t cooperate, I changed font size, and it didn’t take. Perhaps I had spoken too soon? There I sat Friday, biting my tongue and really using restraint to hold back the ugly words on the tip of my tongue. Confession: a few slipped under my breath, sorry. Just two months of Blogger and I was considering abandoning ship with the others. Someone once stated, Blogger drove them to binge eat. I didn’t get it then, but oh I get it now. I wanted to chuck my laptop out the window, for a minute, due to my frustration; knowing full well it had nothing to do with my laptop. I was just plain irritated. We have since kissed and made up.


2) Friday’s Feast 142:

Name something you would not want to own.
A Hummer. I think it’s the most ridiculous, waste of a vehicle and I simply do not get it. They keep getting bigger and bigger.

Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.).
Fine but lots of it, red/brown (in need of cut & colour), long, naturally wavy/curly.

Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget __________.
I’ll never forget my mom dropping me off at school one morning and I was in a hurry, as usual. It was raining and my mom reminded me not to run. I said I wouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself. Let’s just say it was in between walking and running. I slipped onto my bum about 20 feet later, humiliated and wearing white. Not the best start to a morning but luckily the halls were nearly empty, as everyone else had already made it to class.

Main Course
Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why?
Mother Theresa. I would honestly like to know what it feels like to be so selfless, and completely giving to the poorest of the poor. I’m guessing it would be a huge wake-up call.

Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not.
I’m skipping this because I honestly can’t think of anything worth putting down.


3) My blog visiting habits: I visit a blog, read any new posts, leave a comment when moved to do so, and then I get curious. I might read other comments and click on another link. Mmhh . . . . I think, “What’s this blog all about? Focus, stay focused”, I tell myself. My mind is racing, and before I know it I’m All Over The Map. (More about this to follow) “Don’t look at the sidebar links, don’t do it”, I’m thinking. I do it anyway. I have now linked so many times I forgot where I started. You know what a kid in a candy store is like? Well this is what I call BCSS. Blogging: Candy Store Syndrome. Now I already stated this, but please, oh please tell me again I’m not alone. C’mon you know you want to divulge you’re a BCSS sufferer also.

• Are you still with me? I know I have a few readers reading but not commenting. Come on now, don’t be shy.

4) The title of my blog has changed. I think this is the one. Stay tuned, as I will be making adjustments until I tweak it to my satisfaction.


5) 7 random things/habits about me:
I installed StatCounter recently. I don’t know about you, but it feels a little like Big Brother watching. It’s strange yet fascinating in an odd way.
I am thinking about doing a 30-day TV fast. Want to join me? I have a love/hate relationship with television in general.
I brush my teeth with a Sonicare. A regular toothbrush does not cut it for me; my teeth do not feel clean.
I never took typing in school. It wasn’t compulsory and I had no interest. I still don’t have “proper” typing skills but they are sufficient for me. I think I’m pretty quick. I will have to do a
speed test online.
I have a pet rat. Are you squeamish? We had two, originally for the kids, but one died.
I’ve been known to grind/clinch my teeth at night. I know, isn’t that just lovely. It’s more of a rarity these days but I do have a bite plate just in case. (That may have been TMI?)
I don’t use email as a means of thanking someone. I still believe in a good old hand written note. The sentiment is much more personal, wouldn’t you agree?


6) I discovered cupcake bakeshop recently. I am very excited about this place. If you like cup cakes as much as I do you will love it too. Go see for yourself.


7) Sunday Scribblings: #58 Ocean

Mystical, magical, massive
and deep,
Beyond comprehension
lay the stories beneath

Adventure and discovery
allure the heart,
Calling out they whisper
seducing the explorer within

On treacherous waters
did ships set sail,
Voyages attempted, continents connected
that once lay divided

Elusive, destructive
quiet in strength,
Her powerful nature unexpected
unleashed its force

Sunken ships remain
lost amid her powerful hold,
The souls laid to rest
were loyal it was told

At her deepest depths
on the bottom of the floor,
Mercy, mercy my friend
lives no more



sognatrice said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee! I do love your most recent title, so I hope it sticks. And great work on the ocean poem :)

Erin said...

That was great!!! I admit I have bcss as well. I was even tempted to click on your links within your post, but I stayed focused till the end. Now I'll go...

by the way, love your header, beautiful.

Erin said...

...oh I was just at the cupcake bakeshop...mmm, love cupcakes!!!! I'll be back there for sure, thanks for the link...

Karen Beth said...

The Friday's Feast is so much fun! Lovely list! I also would never want to own a Hummer. I don't get the need for those on this planet. Hmmm... I admire your aspiration to do a 30-day TV fast. I would love to join you but I think I would fail miserably. I love CSI, Gray's Anatomy and House too much! Argh! And, I also believe in the written note / thank you card. Nothing compares to getting mail.

Great to get to know more about you! :)

susanna said...

Hey there! I like your meme (Friday's Feast). Yeah, hummers ARE ridiculous unless you're traveling across the desert or in some remote jungle. There aren't too many of each in this part of the world. And I like handwritten thank you notes,too. It's very a thoughtful response for a thoughful action.

susanna said...

Oh! And I like your Sunday Scribblings, too! I can almost hear the rough voice of a ship's captain reciting it!

Louise said...

Oh my goodness, that was A LOT of thought put into that whole scene...A LOT of good stuff in there!! I love reading your blog..I try not to wander onto others too often but like you curiousity gets the best of me!!
The 30 day tv fast would be an amazing thing to do but like you said I have a love hate relationship with the the shows hate the time is consumes and yet it is SO hard to turn the thing off, it has become somewhat of a companion to sad to actually admit that...I HATE that!!mmmm I'll definitely have to give that one some more thought!!
BTW- how do you get such a fancy header?

Suz said...

I am enjoying your blog. Thanks. And thanks also for the cupcake site... yes, thanks a lot! :( :)

scribbit said...

I too loved the poem. The meter felt like waves.

Jone said...

Cheeky, your ocean poem made me feel I was on a boat. Nice rhythm to it.

Nadine said...

I am a bcss also. I can't help it from time to time I just gotta.

cheeky said...

I did get a little busy, whew! I think it was therapy really.
The title fits and I think it's a keeper, thanks.
I've never written poetry and I have no idea what I'm doing. I know there are certain types, maybe rules, etc? I'm going to have to educate myself but for now I like getting the words down.

Ty very much. I feel better knowing we both have BCSS. Suppose the big drug companies want to market a pill for that too? Links in the post are good, it's just the rest that lead me "all over the map". See how that map theme just keeps working for me. I'm glad you like the header, thank you.
We could have some fun at the cupcake bakeshop.

Glad to have you stop by.
The tv fast is definitely going to happen.
There is nothing that can replace pen to paper in my book.

Hey back! I'm not surprised we both have the same sentiment with regards to hand written notes.
Something very nautical came over me with and it took off.
I agree about the rough voice of a ship's captain. I like that idea.

I'm so glad you enjoy and visit.
Yes, I had to get that out because it was just spinning in my head.
I really like to laugh at myself because I'm notorious for getting distracted.
I'm not loving much about tv in general and I don't follow anything with fervor. It does consume time better spent elsewhere.
I did some research and found great help to add features to the blog. This is one of the reasons I'm very interested in graphic arts/html stuff.

Welcome and you are very welcome.
Hope you continue to enjoy.

Thank you. Glad you stopped in.

Hope it didn't make you sea sick?
I'm going to be spending a little time getting familiar with poetry. It has a particular draw.

cheeky said...

I'm going to start a club (shall we say support group) and you are welcome to join. :)
Erin and Louise have also confessed.
Isn't that the first step to recovery?

Cherrye said...

Hey Cheeky!I like it! Your post and your new look! I agree with you about the stat counter thing. I don't have one, not so much because I would feel bad watching what people are doing, but more, I think I would become obsessed and watch it all the time! :O

Really...good post!

Cherrye said...

Also, I made your changes on my blog and when I clicked on it I found how dull mine looks. :-(

I tried for several days a couple of months ago to work with Blogger but I am not a nice person when I am frustrated, so...boring blog layout will stay for awhile!

Send me your patience!!

cheeky said...

I hope I won't become obsessed! :O
That is a scary thought.
Yours is not dull; it's content that matters and you make me laugh a lot.
I try to learn one new thing at a time, otherwise it's completely overwhelming.

Von said...

Obviously having a blond moment, as it took me ages to figure out where to leave a comment.
Thought the only people in the world who knew Pete Murray were Aussies. I am impressed.
You are also in my fan club for liking potatoes and U2. Not sure I could live without either.

cheeky said...

Hello. Glad you popped in. I'm guessing you found me at Vee's? The Sweet Life?
I discovered Pete whilst living in Australia and will soon be back permanently. :)
Oh how I love my taters!

Jill said...

Peeked in from Sunday your blog header!
I'm so with you on Hummers! I live in a little beach village with narrow streets ... and a fleet of Hummers. Apparently the drivers think because I drive a Beetle, my car can spread wings and fly over 'em when I've reach the stop sign first as they are turning onto the street (and over me).

Anonymous said...

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