Tuesday, 8 April 2008

undergoing a few minor changes here

Pardon the boring*ness* of this site while I try to fix a few things. I'm frustrated. I made some changes today and it all turned out fine. I was experimenting and tweeking a little when to my horror I decided to have a lookie on our PC using Internet Exploder, ahem Explorer. My template was all wrong. Gasp! Now mind you it all looked pretty on my Mac using Firefox. On the PC it was a completely different scene. I had no columns and the fonts and colours were wonky. I typed a post asking for feedback, as I was going to leave it, but being impatient and not wanting my blog to look so horrible I decided I would revert it back to the standard and tomorrow I will go in and fix what I can. Oh the joys! I cannot understand how it looked fine on the Mac but totally wrong on the PC. If you have any theories, or you just plain understand CSS and different browser platforms feel free to share the love. I'd like to know. I swear there are cyber monkeys inside the net messing things up just to get my *goat*.

I'll be back with a post of something but I'll have to tackle this first because it plain drives me mad.

update: getting there, slowly, but not there yet!


Erin said...

How frustrating for you! Hope everything turns out : ) And hope you are doing well.

Darlene said...

I got a big fat HTML book to try and understand the 'classic' templates...then they went and changed it to CSS, something I find even more difficult to understand.

I am completely feeling your trial

Good luck :)
darlene (boho girl's b/sis)

bleeding espresso said...

I feel your pain. Hang in there kiddo :)

Anonymous said...

I like your evolving look, and I am glad to see you blogging again! :) Suz.

Anonymous said...
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susanna said...

Argh! I know the frustration of changing the banner and layout. Having said that, I still don't know what I did in the end and I have no idea what my blog looks like on a mac. Argh again! Good luck!