Monday, 1 December 2008

A Christmas Countdown From Down Under

Christmas and summer were not two words I ever mentioned in the same sentence prior to moving to Australia. And as a born and bred northern hemisphere girl I can tell you it takes some getting use to.

December 1st marks the official first day of summer here and while we’ve been having a fair bit of rain, and the wettest November since 1991, summer is fast upon us and so is Christmas. The countdown begins. In the spirit of things I’m going to do a postcard-a-day until Christmas. It’s my attempt at highlighting the season and spirit of Christmas here in Western Australia from my perspective. One that is so different than what I am use to.

Although, I am a native Californian and we don’t experience the white Christmases that most of our east coast states do it’s still winter and we do have snow in the local mountains just an hour and a half's drive away.

Everything is flip-flopped here. School is coming to an end (the kids are anxious, excited & counting down the days), the days are longer and summer activities are heating up. That means the temperature is raising as well. Exactly the opposite from the northern experience.

Last year the lovely Marta of m.writes did a wonderful Christmas countdown. I enjoyed every frosty, wintery, crispy photo she shared (thank goodness I can get my winter fix from other blogs). This year I bring you a southern hemisphere Christmas countdown. Bits and pieces of the Christmas atmosphere from down under.

*completely unrelated but this sweet story made me smile. what a great example.

a couple's first kiss


Louise said...

Looking forward to all your postcards!
I'll be sure to post some pics of snow just for you ;)

susanna said...

This is a terrific idea! I'm also looking forward to seeing all of your postcards. It'll be so interesting to see what your part of the world looks like throughout the holidays. I'm curious, what's the traditional Christmas dinner in Australia? Is Santa basically the same as here in the States? Will you have a Christmas tree?

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I *love* this idea!!!!!!!