Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas Postcard: 1 Dec

Two Rocks Beach, Western Australia


Erin said...

That is just a foreign concept to me. Mine would read something like "Winter is looming, the first snowfall lightly covers the ground..." :) Now I'm just anticipating my hubby making an ice rink so that I can skate whenever the desire hits!

Louise said...

Yikers that sounds like way to much fun!!
My December booklet is going to look a lot different ;) I got 10 pages ready, can't wait!!

all over the map said...

Erin & Louise,
It is just as weird for me. The whole summer thing for Christmas. Mind you I'm from southern California but it's still winter and chilly - as far as California goes. Christmas in the heat of summer is definitely different. I crave & miss wintery bliss. I'd pay good money to do some ice skating.